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tv   Today  NBC  December 8, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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we're back with more of "today" on the 8th day of december, 2011. i like this song. puts us in the mood. so does the chilly weather out here on the plaza and all of these nice people who have gathered as always to wave to the people back home. happy holidays to all of them. >> when somebody waves, does that mean i love you? >> i think, yeah. >> we've got one of those. >> i'm matt lauer with ann curry. willie geist joins us. mr. roker joins us as well. we've got a lot to get to in this hour including a really serious story. jerry sandusky the former penn state university football coach is in jail this morning waking
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up after two new alleged victims have come forward claiming that they were sexually abused by him between the ages of 10 and 12. we'll have much more on what is the story that continues to develop. >> and then in a later note, today's professionals are here. >> oh, boy. >> they will be weighing in on everything from the alec baldwin airline incident to, you know, kicked off a plane for allegedly playing his ipad. the attendant told him to turn it off. what's the correct airplane etiquette? and, donny and nancy and star want to know, are you a bathroom talker? >> what? >> is it ever okay to make or take calls in the stall? wow. >> okay. you guys, okay. have you ever done it? >> no. >> no. >> oh, come on. never? >> i guess you have. >> you've never taken -- your phone has gone off, your child is calling, you're in the stall, you don't answer the phone? >> i've skyped in there. >> also coming up -- >> wow.
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the mind boggles. also coming up we'll talk about some of the trickiest fashion trends of the season. i know you guys are concerned about this. how to wear winter shorts or horizontal stripes. >> yes. >> ann said that matt was wearing the cutest coat. >> yeah right. >> so cute. i love it. >> right now willie is saying why did i leave morning -- >> talking to the guys about sibling rivalry for the holidays not just the kids over the presents but the grownups getting all the brothers and sisters under one roof for the holidays can be taxing. we'll have advice to help you get through it. >> that's timely. >> savannah is standing by at the news desk with all the headlines. in the news today jerry sandusky is waking up in jail this morning after the former penn state assistant coach was unable to post his $250,000 bail in cash. sandusky was taken to a pennsylvania county jail on wednesday as he faces fresh charges based on the testimony of two new accusers. one of the new accusers told the grand jury that he was repeatedly assaulted in
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sandusky's basement while his wife dorothy sandusky was just upstairs. the accuser says that he would scream for her to come help but he claims she never did. former illinois governor rob blagojevich has few days of freedom left despite a final plea for mercy. a federal judge sentenced blagojevich to 14 years in prison. he has been ordered to surrender to police on february 16th but he can still appeal. blagojevich's sentence is the longest ever given to former governor in illinois state history. with just 26 days until the iowa caucuses, republican rivals are sharpening their attacks on front-runner newt gingrich. in his new tv ad mitt romney notes he has been married to the same woman for 42 years, an apparent jab at gingrich's three marriages. and texas governor rick perry, competing with gingrich for evangelical support, is emphasizing his own christianity in a new ad running in iowa. the obama administration has blocked a move by the fda to make the plan b morning after pill available to girls under 17
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without a prescription. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius said she overruled fda scientists because there is not enough evidence that younger girls can understand the label instructions. meantime, there is some encouraging news in the fight against breast cancer. two different drugs tested on women with advanced breast cancer appeared to significantly lengthen time. the time before the tumors got worse. well, those playfully irreverent guys from the jewish organization eish are out with their official hannukah youtube video, a montage spoofing classic rock songs and some pop favorites all with an orthodox spin. ♪ he like to spin and spin it they like to spin and spin it we like to spin and spin it ♪ ♪ dreidel >> what better way to celebrate the festival of lights? it's now 9:04. back to matt and willie. >> thank you very much, savannah. look who's over here. >> that's right. look who is right over here. what a cutie. >> this is charlotte. >> oh, my.
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>> how old is charlotte? >> 7 months. >> she is beautiful. where are you from? >> nantucket, rhode island. >> let's check it out and see what's happening weatherwise. there goes the system that brought the rain and all the snow to the mid-atlantic states into the northeast. it's gone. we've got air stagnation alerts third day in a row in the pacific northwest. sunshine from the west coast all the way down through the gulf. some freezing fog in the central mississippi river valley. early morning snow gets out of new england. sunshine here in the northeast but a little chilly and breezy. . >> the weather will be fairly quiet today. the wind will be a big story. the wind will diminish as we head into the afternoon.
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ladies and gentlemen i'm sorry you had to see this. one of our camera men, jim corrigan, has usurped his power and is saying he is the number one weatherman. can you believe it? >> no. >> like a palace coup. unbelievable. savannah? ♪ taking care of business all right. thanks. now to today's professionals our panel of power players weighing in on the hot topics that are important to you. star jones is an attorney and author. donny deutsch is chairman of advertising giant deutsch, incorporated. dr. nancy snyderman is nbc's chief medical editor. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> can you describe what went on 30 seconds ago? >> no we can't. no. >> okay. i'm just not going to be able to focus but go on. >> no we can't. just ignore that everybody. let's get to our hot topic. alec baldwin, airplane etiquette. what do you guys think about this? everyone probably knows he was kicked off an american airlines flight because he wouldn't turn off his ipad.
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he was playing a scrabble game basically before the flight took off. did he behave badly, star? >> well, yes and no. no because we've all done it, not turned our stuff off when we're supposed to. yes, when you are abusive and rude to people who are working and just simply doing their jobs. none of us like the rules but then get on your own damn plane. the point is, these people are doing their job and you cannot be rude to working people because i'm one of these working people. >> i have to tell you my dad taught me this. the way i judge a person, everybody -- it's easy to treat the president nice. okay? how do you treat the guy that runs the elevator, that waits a table? obviously it was frustrating. he felt he was being singled out. maybe you're seeing the downside of being a celebrity. maybe they single you out for good and bad reasons. but there is no excuse when you're at the level of alec baldwin to go after what i'll call the little guy. it's wrong. i like alec but if he made a mistake i think he would probably admit it also. >> i think a lot of people can relate to being irritated by those rules sometimes. >> i'm not sure they even make
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sense. i've had such conflicting reports. i'm not sure the science makes sense but the reality is whether we like the science or not there are rules. and i think to be a flight attendant right now is not such a glamorous job. so if someone says, please turn it off, even if you're going to cheat, pretend to turn it off. >> the airline stated he was calling some of the flight attendants names. >> and just respect other people's space. that's their job. you don't -- they don't come to your job and do it. >> in a post 9/11 world you need order and decorum. >> and it stirred up things for people around him too. >> i'm curious what you think about american airlines' reactions because initially someone tweeted from the american airlines account oh, alec, give us a private message and we'll try to address your concern. then regular customers were like really? oh, you get special treatment? and american is now seeming to be more defending its employees. >> they need to fight back and i think they actually come out smelling like a rose in this one. if i were alec i'd say okay. i screwed up.
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let's move on. >> don't be nasty. >> why isn't he flying on a private plane? >> i don't know. >> let's move on. our next topic, sex is key to a happy marriage. well, okay. that's not so surprising. but according to research amongst couples 65 years old and older, they say as the frequency of sexual activity goes up so does the happiness. doctor? >> donny cannot speak to this since donny has sex all the time and is not married. >> i thought you were going to say because i've been married twice. >> you just have nothing to offer in this segment i assume. >> i will listen. >> if you do speak to older people they will talk about sex and intimacy and they go together. >> the fact that we're even talking about it suggests that people still believe once you get past a certain age you're not having sex. >> not true. >> what i say to young people when i give my advice is, you know, you got to start with the great passion and it evolves to something else and i think when people have what they see as a great sex life when they're older, they still feel young and
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vital. it's such a line to vitality. >> i like the whole thought of the intimacy as nancy says. my grandfather died at 93. he died holding my grandmother's hand after she kissed him on the forehead. >> we're not talking about -- we're talking about pump. >> no. my grandparents! >> oh, donny. >> by the way, i think a couple, the oldest age they have that, it's not only one where they stay connected but one where they still can feel alive. >> we make sex too complicated. it is a vital part of every relationship. >> i think we've gotten to the age where we hope that we get there. you see it on the horizon. >> speak for yourself. would you like to see some pushups right now? >> go ahead, baby. >> i love this one. holiday parties or cash bonuses? it turns out this is the season, time for holiday parties at work but a lot of employees said they'd rather frankly just have cash or even a day off. which makes a lot of sense. but do you think holiday parties are good for morale? >> how many holiday parties have you been invited to corporate or office and etcetera over the
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last week? >> quite a few. >> five, six, seven, eight. >> but this is the one area i can be an expert. i've managed thousands of people. >> we were waiting for that. >> as a good, what is it, a multi billion dollar -- >> yes. >> as somebody, your job is to give people what they want. if at the end of the day most people really want -- if it's an either/or you want to give them the money. having said that, though, there are so many ways to create this kind of bonding experience. it doesn't have to be an expensive party in a place that costs a lot of money. you can take the whole company bowling. you can put that into the company without money but if it is a choice between somebody would you like extra money to buy your kids holiday presents or a party you go with the money. >> maybe a party is cheaper to put on if you have a big company. >> a party is definitely cheaper. >> than if you give everyone ten bucks and deduct it. >> as the owner of a multi billion dollar corporation couldn't have you done both? >> that's what i'm saying. that is my whole point. you find a way to do both but at the end of the day if the people need the money you have to listen to your people.
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>> i like the company and i don't remember which one it is who shared the wealth. the company made a bunch of money over this past year and they divied it up. >> you're not going to be in business if you don't do that. you have to do that. >> i thought that was the smart way. >> most people prefer cash to the cash bar. in any event my favorite topic of the day. do you people pick up the phone if it rings while you are on -- in the bathroom? >> what are the two words we can't say? >> no don't. we won't get into that. we're in polite company. >> can't say -- in front of sa van i. >> what did you just say? >> you cannot say pee and poop in front of savannah. i would think you could say pee but poop -- >> oh, mercy. >> here is the problem. the answer is no. >> donny? >> i take my bathroom time very seriously. it's religious and i just kind of want to leave it. >> i'm disgusted with the topic. >> by the way, everyone is assuming that you definitely take your phone into the bathroom. >> most people talk while on the
9:13 am
bathroom. >> on the phone or to each other? >> to each other? >> have you ever walked in with a colleague and people are chatting and the chat keeps on continuing? that happens. it happens. >> i don't want anybody talking to me in a public bathroom. i'm there for business. >> i put them in the same place. i don't take calls during sex or going to the bathroom. >> for all the segments we've done together i must say i don't know how we degenerated as qu k quickly as you did. >> matt does this on tuesdays. you are so much cuter than matt. >> stop, donny. >> on every label. >> what is her christmas bonus? >> exactly. >> okay. >> suspend fred school for calling his teacher cute. so you stop with the cute. >> we got to wrap it, guys. star, donny, nancy, thank you. still to come from pattern sweaters to fur collars how to make the trickiest trends work for you. up next, can't we all just get along? really, professionals. some advice for handling sibling rivalry if you're home for the holidays coming up right after this. ever since that ol' broom dumped me here... oh, oh. oooh! will love ever come my way?
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rivalry during the holidays. brothers and sisters know how to push each other's buttons at any time of the year but it is especially true when the whole family gets together. here with advice for getting along the author of "side by side." good morning, dr. sophy. >> thank you. >> really worse during the holidays, sibling rivalry? >> it's worse because the children are not in school all day. parents have their kids more time. kids are excited, not sleeping regularly. they're off their schedules. you have a lot of variables that are going to ramp it up and make it tighter. >> let's define sibling rivalry. i was interested to see that you said it starts the minute that second child goes into the womb, basically before the baby is even born that older child senses something. >> yes. absolutely. i mean, it's very important to realize as you're carrying that second child how that first child is feeling. are they jealous? are you giving a lot of attention to this person that they don't even know who they are, what they look like, what they sound like? are they going to like them themselves? there's a lot of anticipation, a lot of anxiety around all of that. so it starts right then and
9:18 am
there. >> i was surprised to hear you say there is actually a good side or there can be a good side to sibling rivalry. what is that? >> absolutely. because if you handle that properly, you're teaching your children how to handle and navigate life in general. skills to resolve conflicts, not to bully, not to use bad words but also being able to role model after you. so how you do it is how they're going to do it and you're giving them life skills forever. >> let's talk about how we handle it around the holidays. any parent has seen it. kids come rushing down, if it's christmas morning they see and enjoy the gifts for a minute then start looking and saying wait a minute. he got more than i did. how do you handle it? >> handle it before christmas morning. you handle it by sitting down, telling everybody, santa or whoever is bringing these gifts is going to bring gifts that you like. not how much they cost. it is not about value because the value is really in what you enjoy because it meets your needs and you enjoy it, not about how much it costs. have that discussion before the holidays so that during the holidays that kid and that child is connected to that toy that they love. >> i've got a 4-year-old.
9:19 am
that's a tough message to get across to a 4-year-old. >> yes. but you also have to have all the disciplinary tools in place so that child knows that everyone gets whatever they want. but at 4 they're really not going to necessarily want that other toy, that other child has. they just want to see what the other child has. it's all how you navigate it as a parent. >> you've actually developed a method to help navigate through the holidays called sweep. >> yes. >> explain it. >> sweep like a broom. it is an acronym for five key areas of your life. as we go through the holidays and look at these areas, keep everybody in balance. sleep, looking at quality and the quantity of sleep. making sure your children do get to sleep because cranky kids make cranky days. work. even though they're not in school or not school age there is nothing wrong with doing a little bit of reading, drawing, a little bit of down time where they're using their brain and they stay connected to go back to school. eating, we've got to eat regularly. we've got to eat good food. we have to eat regularly. keep the blood sugar up. and then the emotional expression of everything. really defuse these places. talk about things. give your kids the tools and
9:20 am
then play. what are they doing for fun? if you have those five areas in balance for you, your children, and your house in general you should be fine. >> good advice. let's talk about the adults because it is not just about the kids. you get all the brothers and sister under one roof whether thanksgiving or christmas and it can make for interesting meals. how do you handle adult sibling rivalry? >> you got to realize that your children are really mirroring what you do. if they see you starting to have tension with your sister or brother or whoever they're going to say, well. that's free rein for me. i can do that to my sibling. you have to get it in check, realize before you get into that situation that you're either going to be spending more time together or be in each other's home. what are the hot buttons she used to say to you about your hair or your eyes or your weight or whatever? get ready. so you have those statements to be able to really go back with and handle it. i always tell people to unhook and take a look. step back if you feel the temperature rising. >> mixing egg nog things get real interesting. so sweep the adults and sweep the kids. >> sweep the house. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it.
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work. >> narrarator: today's holiday kitchen, pork chops from the famed chef charlie baumer. >> first your local news and weather. i've had surgery, and yes, i have occasional constipation. that's why i take doctor recommended colace capsules. [ male announcer ] for certain medical conditions where straining should be avoided, colace softens the stool for effective relief from occasional constipation. go to for savings.
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>> a lot of rain yesterday. no snow to speak of. now the storm is pulling out of the picture. a few clouds to the north. no major storms to the west. of the weather looks pretty quiet. a little breezy today with mostly sunny skies. cold air coming in. 42-47
9:29 am
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here's that book for your niece. >> oh, yeah. thanks for remembering. i'll send it to her. >> there is a character in that one that's based on you. >> what? >> in the book. i mean, i named him ashby but it is so blatantly you. when you read it, it'll be obvious. >> that's academy award winner charlize theron in her new comedy who goes back to her hometown hoping to rekindle her romance with her high school sweetheart who is happily married with a baby. we'll chat with charlize tomorrow on "today." >> meanwhile coming up if you thought wearing pink and red together was only for valentine's day which you were just telling me, you feel like
9:31 am
it's valentine's day only? >> yeah. >> no, no. these are tricky trends. we'll show you how to pull off some of the tricky trends. pink and red. that fur collar. also remember the cosby show and the sweaters? >> yes. >> they're in again. >> get out. >> they're back and we'll show you how to wear them. >> al has a fake fur collar that is to die for. i can't wait to see it. we'll also beef up your holidays with tip pepper steak and balsamic marinaded pork chops all courtesy of famed chef charlie palmer. >> but first hello to mr. joe rogan, back, host of "fear factor." good to see you. >> good to see you as well. >> ten years since "fear factor" premiered so this new edition, what is the difference? >> well, high definition television is one of the big differences. and stunt technology has evolved. it's bigger and crazier. way more involved, way grander than the old shows were. >> give us an example of something that you couldn't do
9:32 am
all those years ago and you can do now. >> well, the technology has made things safer so they can draw people from higher distances, get away with things they couldn't before. >> things are weirder? >> that and they just wanted to take the show. >> ooh. >> they wanted to take it further. they can't just bring the old show back so they kicked it up not just one notch but several. as shocking as the show was, in 2001 -- >> still eating bugs? >> yeah. still eating bugs. >> explain the appeal. a lot of people watch that and turn the channel immediately but it was a huge show during its run. >> i don't know. it's exciting and fun. i am not a psychologist. i don't understand. but i would watch it if i wasn't hosting it. >> would you take part in the stunts? >> if i was broke for sure. i would definitely do it. >> has there been any stunt where you think no way in a million years. i wouldn't do it for all the money in the world? >> i don't know about for all the money in the world but we made people ride bulls in the old series. i don't think i'd be interested in riding a bull. >> watching these promos people are getting pulled out of office building windows, getting yanked
9:33 am
out on helicopters. i mean, how do you -- how do you make sure this is safe? >> well, the stunt guys are the best stunt guys in the world. they do huge hollywood movies and go way out of their way to make sure it looks crazy and it is pretty wild but ultimately it's fairly -- as safe as doing one of those things -- >> we should do this. we should go out and do -- can we go out and do fear factor? >> i guess you could if we made the insurance policy high enough. >> come on. >> one tease, joe. give us one stunt that we think is going to be thon non this ne. >> they are so involved.
9:34 am
central time right here on nbc. >> it's a fake thing. >> all right. let's check your weather and see what's going on right now. tomorrow sunny skies. showers down around florida and southern texas. stagnation continues in the pacific northwest. saturday we got some showers in the pacific northwest. some lake effect snow around the great lakes. some showers down in southern texas. sunday, plenty of sunshine but cold in new england. sunny and mild through the southwest. that's what's going on >> good morning. we will have windy conditions. the wind may guess over 30 miles per hour.
9:35 am
that's your latest weather. >> thank you very much. we want to start by thanking everybody for remembering to bring the gifts and toys for under privileged children for our 18th annual holiday toy drive. jessica biel, seth meyers, our celebrity elves this morning. more than 19 million dollars worth of toys and other great gifts now on their way to needy children. >> and a little bit of a different twist with our toy drive this morning. we are going to have gifts that kids can give to the adults in their lives. michael norris from party light is here. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> tell us about this donation and how it works. we're very excited. party lights have been working with the toy drive now for six years and we've now contributed over $16 million worth of products and we're very pleased and honored to be here again donating this year. and the products aren't for the
9:36 am
kids. we get many letters back from kids and the organization saying how wonderful it is that the kids can actually gift their moms with a present. >> it makes them feel good to be able to give as well as receive. >> exactly. and the moms, you know, they sacrifice so much and the kids know that. they have the opportunity then to get rewarded and feel that something is coming back. >> why is work like this important to you? you're head of a company. cow be doing other things with your time. why is this so important to you? >> well, we have a large number of our independent consultants in the u.s. and canada and these are moms and dads that are in the community working with the family and they all want to share and participate so they expect the company to do that. we help with the american cancer society and with children's network in canada so we do a lot of work in the community and it's something that is just part of who we are. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. merry christmas to everybody at party light. literally, millions of children who would love to receive gifts
9:37 am
from our toy drive this year, you'd like to help, go to "" and find many ways you can help as well. coming up next how to wear the trickiest trends of the season. >> cosby sweaters. that. >> and more coming up. what's this? it's progresso's new loaded potato with bacon. it's good. honey, i love you... oh my gosh, oh my gosh.. look at these big pieces of potato. ♪ what's that? big piece of potato. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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60% off coats, sweaters and fleece for the whole family. 50% off all heated blankets, throws and flannel sheets. come shop the early preview. real deals. real savings. sears this morning on "today's style" pulling off tricky trends. whether you're trying to wear winter shorts or a fur collar some of the latest styles can are hard to get right so our style expert is here to help us out. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> we see all these trends. are you saying anyone can wear any trend really? >> i really do believe anyone can wear any trend. the main thing is to keep it simple. i know for myself if i over think it and you think too much about what you saw on the runway you end up wearing the same thing every day. but things are really easy. the looks we have today, simple to put together. >> these models will definitely inspire everybody. let's bring the fur collar. this is seema rocking the fur
9:41 am
collar. come on out. >> love the fur collar. a chic accessory. this is from beholden which is a website you usually find special occasion wedding stuff on. vintage inspired finds like this fur collar. throw it over a black dress. the same one maybe you've worn for every holiday party every year. all of a sudden it looks like a brand new outfit. >> you say wear it with a v-neck. i would have thought crew but what do i know? >> i think with the v-neck it is sexier but subtle. you see a little skin but not too much and it takes the place of a big statement necklace. >> thank you. our next trend is red and pink together. i love this trend but you have to get it right. let's bring out sandra. tell us about this. >> sandra looks gorgeous with the red and pink together. almost like black and brown. you couldn't do it. now you can completely do it. just make sure the colors are really bold. we have this bold blouse from talbot's. the color is rich. then the pants, these are from bcbg generation at amazon clothing shop. rich red. bold and bold. you can't go with one muted one bold. they have to play nice together. >> you have different textures.
9:42 am
shiny, silky top but the pants aren't that silky. >> it's more about the color than the texture. >> okay. >> worry more about the bold jewel tones than the textures. i happen to like a flowing blouse. it's easy and comfortable to wear. and the silk makes the pink completely pop. it looks so beautiful on her. accessories? minim minimum. >> you look great. let's bring out our winter shorts model. this is michelle. i love this idea but, man. you have to have the legs. of course she does. >> she has the legs. if you don't have the legs you can fake having the legs by putting on a really good pair of dark black tights. >> okay. >> if you have like these are from haines, the silk reflections line blackout tights. we've got the shorts from kohl's. 48 bucks. want something that has the fit almost of a skirt. nothing that is too close to the leg. this is, it could be a skirt but it's shorts. a cozy sweater makes it wintry. >> you want something wintry on the top. >> you need to play it real wintry on the top and on the bottom like these boots are from aerosol's. love them because of the faux fur on top. makes them really wintry. you've got a heel but still a
9:43 am
flexible foot so you can walk -- >> this is a nice length actually, not too hoochy mama. some of the models rock the short shorts. >> if you're a model you can pull it off, all the power to you. >> but for the rest of us. >> i wouldn't want anyone to have to see me wearing that. >> you look awesome. thank you so much. our next one horizontal stripes. a lot of people love this but isn't the rule never wear the horizontal stripes? >> horizontal stripes can be scary but not if they're thin. think more like a little french girl in paris than mod twiggy style. much more wearable. this tunic is from boden, $118. the sweater is easy to wear and comfy. the thin stripes and also the way that the stripes are sort of separated differently throughout. create a really slimming optical illusion, throw a little faux fur jacket over it and the nude accessories, the stripes become the pattern of the outfit and everything else becomes really simple. >> should you do it real tight and fitted? >> fitted for sure. don't go with the over sized big mod '60s stripe. it's great on the runway and a
9:44 am
super tall model but the rest of us i think a thin stripe is easier. i love the shoes. great wedge boots. simple. she still gets the height. with stripes you want to create height in other ways. these are from crocs. $80. i'm obsessed with them. >> so comfy. last but not least we have to thz for ourselves. the cosby sweater is back. tell me. gina, come on out. >> it is scary but this is back. i have to be honest. i don't know if i'll ever be able to play this off but who would have ever thought bill cosby would come back in vogue as a fashion icon? cosby sweaters. you may think at first to wear them with jeans. i think it's harder to wear them with jeans because the look doesn't look as put together. wear it with a pencil skirt, black tights, black booties. >> wait a minute. here is cosby's sweater. >> doesn't she look better? >> yeah. this is not your bill cosby sweater. it's got a little more form to it. >> it's not the crazy patterns, wacky colors. then keep it streamlined everywhere else. so the pencil skirt, the black tights, black booty shoes.
9:45 am
>> let's bring the models out quickly before we go. these are great ideas. hopefully people are inspired. cosby sweater. there it is. nice and cozy too. thanks so much. coming up next pork chops and steak from acclaimed chef charlie palmer right after this. beauty, huh? it's dependable. long-lasting, too. yeah, i could really use this silverado. i'm a big hunter. oh, what do you hunt? deer. fish. fantastic. ♪ this holiday, chevy's giving more. now qualified buyers can get 0% apr for 72 months on a 2011 chevy silverado. or 0% apr financing for 60 months plus no monthly payments until spring. ♪ yi mean you've got like five chundred dollars worth of nuts here, you do the math. be five percent more merry with the target red card, by getting an extra 5% off, our already low prices.
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9:49 am
his award winning restaurants from new york to california. recently opened a new property in denver called "district meats." >> district meets. >> all right. denver, they like their steak. >> they like meat. >> okay. so we're going to make a tri tip. >> the whole idea of the restaurant and what we'll talk about today is like the secondary cuts. so we have, this is a terrace major steak. this is -- coulette steak. like pants. but you're starting to see this a little more because they are much better value and fwraet tasfwraet -- great tasting. we'll pepper crust one so we'll take our little tri tip steak and put it right in there. >> what is the tri tip? >> tri tip is a cut from the top of the sirloin. you see a lot on the west coast. you don't see it talked about much on the east coast yet. >> it's coming. >> it's coming, baby. >> yeah. but they're really tasty cuts and they're economical. a lot less expensive than a
9:50 am
filet minion steak. you seer this on either side for three or four minutes and then finish it in the oven if you want more medium. >> right. >> we go from there. this is the pepper sauce. there is a little brandy for you to put in there. >> right in here? >> yep. right in there. don't be cheap on the brandy. >> go with the brandy. >> then we got shallots and garlic caramelized and dripgs from t drippings from the steak we did before. then a little chicken stock, heavy cream. not too much. just going to reduce that down. >> okay. >> we let that reduce down and we make a nice flavorful sauce. a little bit of sea salt to finish in there. okay. >> right. >> here's one of our steaks we have already cooked. you see the pepper here on the outside. >> oh, yeah. so you have to like pepper for this. >> yeah. you can go as, you know, strong or weak with the pepper as you want. you don't have to go crazy if you're not a big pepper fan but you get a nice, almost like a crust on the outside with the
9:51 am
pepper corns. >> that's just slicing right through. >> you see the brandy smell. you get a nice, juicy inside, crusty outside. of course here we've got a sauce that's already finished. >> right. >> we'll pour that over our sliced steak. don't be cheap with the sauce as they say. >> spent the time making it might as well use it. >> then a little root vegetables roasted in the winter time. great little burgundy here that's another great value wine. >> we got something else going back here. >> in the back we'll do a little pork. >> ooh ya. >> we've marinaded a pork blade steak cut from the shoulder. so again, very economical but also very tasty. >> what do you mayrinade this i? >> balsamic vinegar, red onion. a little thyme. we go on the grill fan. you can do this outside on the grill or even in the winter time i like to grill outside. >> sure. >> get a nice seer on that. this is, you know, marinading in this overnight like four or five hours is enough but overnight is even better. you know, it takes on the flavor
9:52 am
and also starts to tenderize the meat a little bit. >> how long on each side do you want to do this? >> three minutes on a side. then turn the temperature down and let it finish slowly. >> right. when you take it off, let it rest? >> let it rest a little bit. then here we have one that's already cooked and seared, you know. a little knife and fork there. >> tell us about the vegetables. >> these are roasted chestnuts and brussel sprouts for the season. goes with either of the dishes. i like bitter broccolirab. there is a nice recipe on the website for this also. >> i have to turn this down. >> we'll turn it down and try the beef over there. >> yes. bring it back with me. very nice. >> a little meat? this is an interesting wine. this is made, you know, it's a really good value wine, about $40 retail. it's amazing. >> fantastic. >> so celebrate with that. >> charlie?
9:53 am
>> cheers, sir. >> always great to see you. >> great to see you. >> district meats. >> there you go. >> denver, colorado. come see us. coming up, are we there yet? we have the must have items if you're traveling with the kids. not this. but first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ [ female announcer ] during the holidays, there's a lot to get done. and safeway select appetizers help you rise to every occasion. ♪ from delectable to amazing. there are over 20 affordable safeway select appetizers ♪ to make all of your gatherings just as merry as can be. ♪ only at safeway.
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ingredients for life.
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coming up with hoda and kathie lee actress melissa gilbert. >> plus everything you need to pack to make life easy traveling with the kids for the holidays. >> and we'll make party foods with a punch or kick. all after your local news and weather. >> yes! have a great day.
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